Canada Black Bear Hunting

Guided BC Black Bear Hunts by Gun or Bowhunt

There's always plenty of action during these black bear hunts! During spring season they are out enjoying the new shoots of all the vegetation. While fall they are devouring every last berry before winter.

This is a "spot & stalk" hunt so you're always on the move. One twelve year old stalked his bear as close as 25 yards. You'll see plenty of different critters - moose, grizzlies, bald eagles, beavers, but most of all, black bears.

During this past season, we had 8 hunters and took 14 bears. Several of which were incredible color variations; chocolate brown, and cinnamon were taken by successful father/son hunters. Being the exclusive outfitter on 1200 square miles, everybody that wants a bear usually gets one and most of the guys who want two, usually do so as well. If you want big bears, beautiful scenery, rugged wilderness, this is the hunt for you!

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