Moose Hunting in British Columbia Canada

Rocky Mountain Foothills Lodge
Moose Hunts by Rifle or Bow hunt

Our Lodge and surrounding cabins are located in a Provincial Park and was established prior to the formation of the Park so we're thrilled to be able to offer hunting within these great boundaries.

Accessible only by boat, our Lodge is nestled on what feels like an island. Moose hunting with us includes the opportunity to hunt 7 different lakes, three of which are interconnected, with many miles of shoreline to spot Moose standing in the water eating vegetation.

We can get you into the "hot spots" relatively quickly and easily, so this hunt can be undertaken by any age group regardless of physical conditioning. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce young hunters to big game hunting. Our latest addition is a new cabin for the guys who want to bring their wife/family - it has separate bedroom and bathroom. These lakes are all teeming with Rainbow Trout, some of which reach 8 pounds.

The beauty of this hunt is that we can get to most of our lakes with our ATVs or incredible transport boat which can haul 4 moose at one time. So we can haul your moose out in one piece. The guides often process the animal near the Lodge so the meat is as clean as if it came from a butcher's shop. If you like, our cooks can prepare some for you to eat, before you go home.

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